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    1. Most definitely. This is of course my family.

      I have no idea what logic you are using in order to accuse me of such an atrocity, but to you sir, I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt, to eat my cunt.

      Thanks 😀

  1. This is what’s called an efficient use of a stroller. Like a bike you got someone on the handlebars and standing on the back while you ride, and if you really want to go all ghetto… have another person sit on the bar in front of you….Something tells me the kids are gonna do that when they grow up.

  2. Good to see another spic “familia” squirting out 42 anchor babies on my tax dollar. DIE ALONG WITH THE REST OF YOUR TORTILLA GREASE FREELOADERS

    1. Take it easy Coonskin. You’re gonna bust a nut. Lol. My question is why a woman with that much cellulite would wear something that tight? Nasty.

    1. Yup! Luckily whites continually prove themselves to be by far the most racist in this country when every non-white fail has racists comments against it. No one is being racist towards the white fails, and I hope we can continue to never stink the low level racist white americans have sunken to!

  3. I think tht’s pretty tight I mean the little girl prob din’t wanna walk and would u wanna carry the little boy the whole time? And even if the little girl was walking u cnt put the little boy on top cuz he’d fall anyway sooo instead of PARENTING FAIL I say STROLLER WIN!

  4. this is what the mexicans be looking like in the bronx…only dat dey also have 2 extra kids holding on 2 da sides of the stroller n pregnant at the same time…hey at least they put da sucker stroller 2 use =P

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