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  1. admittedly that must of hurt the poor shopper… probably not as much as it hurt the guys face.
    In Soviet Russia… pedestrians kill cyclists!

  2. The crowd stood up for the landing and WIIII….Oooooh FAAAAAIIIILLL. somebody grab a shovel and scoop up this roadkill before it gets pancaked.

    1. I would tie him up, put him in my truck, take him to my basement and then molest him for weeks, before cutting off his nutsack and wearing it as a stretchy hat. That’d teach him to make me drop my shopping. Fucker.

  3. Don’t want to be rude but he diserved that!
    You just don’t ride your bike like that when there’s people around or at least wait until there’s no pedreastians around to make your jump, what a dumbass.

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