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  1. I like the ,”maybe it’s semen, maybe it’s lip gloss” shellacked onto her gnarsty face..

    That and the angry eyebrows..niiice.

    1. Oh its semen, I know!
      by the way Snooki is “too pretty to go to jail”, so don’t Diss Snooki and her looks!
      This loser is obviously wishing she could be as hot as Snooki. “she” is going the looks route since there is no way “she” could be as smart as Snooki.

    1. yes. oh and did you know that this is in the top five best hal1oween masks of the year? the others are: 1.Justin Beiber, 2.Snooki, 3.britney spears,, and 5.that creepy hermaphrodite across the street

  2. How is this a fail? This website is too critical of people. Show me funny stuff. This is like, too much of a stretch. What – was it a slow Fail day?

    1. Ugh…are you kidding? How is this a fail? What world do you live in that orange skin, white lips, eyebrows that are tweezed one inch from death, and ALL that eye makeup is not a fail? Well, we all know your standards aren’t that high!

  3. To those that don’t understand: The fail is that she looks like trash, but doesn’t realize it. In fact she actually believes she looks better than if she let herself look natural. She is also a fail for caring more about what her clique thinks of her, than just her own oppinion!

  4. I can’t believe you didn’t recognize her..>It’s Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas! don’t believe it? Look at the eyebrows!! Same fucked up eyebrow fail as Fergie! So angryyy…

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