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  1. “Nekkid Grannmaw!” That’s the first thing to come out of his mouth!? That’s the image rolling through his mind at that exact time!? This speaks volumes of his childhood.

    1. If you found your way on here… can still throw a punch without breaking something and you are a grandma, you’re not the kind of grandma he’s taking about.

  2. lmfao, I like how the black contestant goes “i dont want to see that either” basically saying “when i steal, i dont want to see that either”

  3. LMAO!

    That just came out of left field.

    I like Steve Harvey’s(The host) reaction! XD

    I say its also a win because he got the point.

  4. this one is rather (in)famouse on youtube and its NOT naked grandma.


    source: youtube dot com

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