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    1. Good name but weak material. If I actually had made fun of her, your post might have been good enough to be called lame. I think with that moniker, people are going to expect you to do a little better than that. Please, try again at your leisure. Don’t want to rush genius.

    2. You spazzed before I even got started. I heard your girlfriend complains about the same thing.

      Oh wait… girlfriend = Rosie.

    1. I guess you will have to go back to fapping to your sister undressing. Just make sure she doesn’t find the peep hole.

    1. usaly do drunk to dream. but last night I dremped about giving tours on some river in the middle of no wear. Why?

    1. Didn’t you see she did a lot of RAN!!!ing here? She just didn’t RAN!!! fast enough to jump over the hurdles. Pay attention next time before I RAN!!! something up your RAN!!!

  1. She hurt herself on the first hurdle and then continued to finish the whole thing instead of walking off like a cry baby. That’s not a fail to me. Whoever made this video is probably a loser who is just jealous of her.

  2. Forgot the proper greeting of the day? Good, now go back. Oh you’d like to speak to the Senior, yeah I know where he is let’s go speak to him out in the sand pit.

  3. Nobody can say that she didn’t try, and nobody can say she didn’t finish what she started, it’s more than half you incompetent fucks that made fun could even hope to accomplish.

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