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  1. Thoose guys were thinking:
    “Ok, lets load this expensive piano in the pick up truck.I dont think we need any rope, so lets take our chances and lets hope it doesnt fall while we ae turning. I swear I´ll drive very slow”.

  2. The driver didn’t know that he had to slow way down during his turns? Must be Mexican. I’ve seen Mexicans driving down the road in little cars like a Ford Focus with the windows rolled down and holding bed mattresses on the roof of their car with one had out each window. Too cheap to use even the cheapest string.

    1. You just stated that Mexicans hold their arms out to hold their shit down… this dumbass didnt have neone holding it, but Maxicans know this is common sense. now, who would YOU say was moving this piano?

  3. Apparently one’s iq must be greater than 10 to understand the principle of gravity. A driver’s license on the other hand…

  4. OK, obviously the guys all knew each other. They knew the pickup was turning, one guy said “good thing we have a red light,” and their cries of anguish at seeing the piano fall were genuine. But this all doesn’t make sense. Why wouldn’t they have secured it somehow? What did they think would happen?

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