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    1. Sact, cut the melodrama. You don’t love me, and if you did, you’d try and contact me rather then on here.

    2. I couldn’t contact you anywhere else, and, in fact, it is here where I fell in love with you. I love you inexcusably much. I really do!

    3. wtf? tell someone u love them on Facebook u fagot or get a phone i dnt blame her. u people are f***ING weird.

  1. “I <3 U" and "Our Hope" don't exactly go with "Ruff Ridn." Unless you are talking about about gay sex.

  2. did u rob a sweet lil old ladies house and glue the shit to ur busted ass car?if u think for one minute this is gonna get u pussy, then ur a fucking Ra tard…oh wait ur already a Ra tard for pimpin that ridiculous ride…

    1. ha, yeah well ur the fagot who spells ‘retard’ like u actually have down the next time u wanna clown on someones fucked up little old lady car maybe u should make sure u dont sound like an idiot. ok?

  3. just the fact that they have an OSU plate on the front of the car and an texas longhorns plate mounted on the windshield is pretty much a fail. and to all the people hating on the car, it was a good car before they ruined it, infinity j30, had the same v6 as the 300zx.

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