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    1. Yep. I have seen that happen before. An old guy backed into a shopping cart with little kids in it. The cart went about 20 feet and hit a curb and the kids went flying out. Luckily they both hit Christmas trees that I had just put out. Otherwise they would have hit a concrete wall. It was pretty crazy.

    1. very coinidental indeed, just waiting for something to happen? and see how the second car just stops before the “accident?” think it was planned.

    2. This is someone filming the play back on a security system monitor, which is why you don’t hear anything outside as you would expect if they were really filming a car crash live through a window.

    3. @Captain Hindsight and beakt. I guess I’m just plain stupid. That’s the only way, I can explain my comment above.

    4. Interesting “security cam” moving as if someone was holding it.
      You can hear people so it’s probably filmed through a window – therefore no sound of the accident.

    5. Agreed: Thats not a security camera It’s bouncing and bobbling around as though its being hand held by someone with Parkinson

    6. can you not see that the image is stable in the black border? you can see the LED on the playback monitor of the security system at the bottom. it was not filmed through a window, duh!

  1. for what reason you press “record” on your camera unless you KNOW something will happen…
    As awful as it looks, I think this stuff is staged.

    1. It is footage from a security camera being played on a monitor that is being recorded by a handheld video camera. That is why it is shaky. If you look at it close you can see the edge of the screen he is recording.

  2. I give props to the guy in the black car. His reaction was, unfortunately, abnormal. Most people run away or stare when strage things happen; he jumped out of his car to take control of the situation and help the hapless driver.

  3. I think the person in the white car panicked when they noticed they were being followed by the dark car. I think it was an escape attempt. Notice the dark car driver immediately jumps out to try to stop them. Lovers’ quarrel?

  4. HOW THE FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKKK did she get her license??????? Obviously the people that gave it to her are more retarded than she is!!!!

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