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  1. She has a triple halo if you count the bad weave. My favorite thing about this photo has to be that she considers herself “boss-ish” knowing that she will never reach ‘boss’

  2. Omg. These lace fronts must go!!! I can’t believe she thinks she looks cute and on top of that, her edges have vanished like Houdini.

  3. If there was ever a bad weave, this one hit the fucked up part of the scale. I’ve seen alot of young females with the bright colored stripe in their hair but this one fails hard.

    1. Putting a headband on the tracks would look ugly and tacky. It wouldn’t even be like what a headband is for – pushing your hair back – it’s more like “Gotta hide the tracks!” & it would be SO OBVIOUS.

  4. Wow bitch… that shit is unbeweavable… for real?… you thought that shit looked good?… looks like the brissles off the halloween broom i got at the dollar store… Did you sweep with that shit before pasting it to your head… and guess no one told you when you place a fucked up weave… you dont have to make it recied like natural… BROOM WEAVE FAIL

    1. so when u bought the hair…did u use the cleaning products in backround to color that shit?…it looks like the easter bunny threw up on ur head…SICK

  5. LOL. Bitch has a better mustache than Tom Selleck. Mustache fail, hair fail, “boss-ish” fail. All around fail. And halos? What, are you the angel of ghetto pigeon?

  6. it is neither a wig nor a quick weave. if u knew anything about weave u would know that this is simply tracks and there is a track glued to her forehead

  7. WTF shorty with this fucked up ass track in her head did you really thinhk that shit look good like on some real then on top of that boss ish wtf is that i can see about boss bitch but none of the above works for you #GetYourLifeTogether…

  8. typical crazy black girl doing something typical. I cant believe my college has a class devoted to studying ur “culture”

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