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  1. Humanity fail. So instead of running to get help or ask him if he’s alive, you stick a camera in his face? I hope on the way home he gets hit by a car and people whip out their cells phones to take pictures instead of dialing 911.

    1. it funny you bitch because they did not say anythig to him. yet you the type of d bag that would talk shit about they guy being stupid for asking the guy if he was ok

    2. look at it this way… Since when has. “Hey Buddy.. You Ok?” ever done any good. Obviously he’s fucked. No use rubbing salt in…

  2. They did’nt rush to his aid because they were all thinking of the cool comment they would leave on the Epic Fail site this would enevitably be posted on.

  3. saw this on scarred ages ago, that program has way worse stuff than this, though thats just unlucky and maybe unskilled where as epic fails usualy just retardation

  4. The best part about this is the crab-hammering dickbag with the camera who runs up in the guys face…and no one seems to be actually checking if this guy is alright…

    1. He seems to be breathing pretty awkwardly, as if his rib cage collapsed on one side. I feel bad for the poor guy as far as the idea that he’s probably paralyzed some how…but shit, he deserves it if he really thought it was a great idea to take this jump. One less idiot in this world to procreate more.

    2. He’s not paralyzed. He’s not moving much, but he is moving. I think his strained breathing is from the smashed bones in his face. He hit the side of his face against the ramp really hard.

    1. no man, that IS jesus!! he came down to finall show us humans how god is real and looks like he really fucked that one up. religion. kills. everything.

    1. Omg, you’re right!. But it’s from 00:32 to 00:37… white jumpsuit. Oh wait, maybe it’s Evil Knievel !!. I always get those 2 mixed up! 😉

  5. Quality engineering in the construction of the approach and ramp, sufficient bike speed, professional rider…I don’t understand what went wrong here.

  6. there was a perfect opportunity for his best friend to hold and squeeze his girlfriend and act like he cares and give her the it will be ok line,because after that while the guy is healing his girl will be kneeling,(0)slurp,slurp the best thing about best friends is their girl always gives it up to their guys best friend,wanna be my best friend?

  7. should have tied the hair back, it totally slowed down his hang time. it didn’t do much for cushioning the fall either. hahaha hillbilly down!

  8. did you see that fucker bounce! ha ha! what kind of friends shove a video camera in your face after something like that, what an asshole!

  9. Holy crap… It WOULD be funny if this guy wasn’t SECONDS away from actually DYING!!! Does NOBODY here recognize “agonal breathing”??? This is FAR more serious than it looks!!!

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