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  1. tha guy in tha blue shirt looked at tha camera and gave a us a look like “u wanna see sumthin fucked up”..and just let tha drunk kid fall..that is more of a friend fail

  2. It maybe fun to get drunk, but by the looks of it, it’s fun for everyone else except you…especially when you cant remember if there was a “fun” part.

    1. As I’ve seen and heard. Never heard a guy who passed out and woke up with a carrot in the ass and/or sharpie on the face say it was a fun nite. unless you are that kind of freak… LOL

    2. im guessing u wake up with a condom in your ass mouth in pussy.. but the difference is that you where not drinking last night and you spend the night in your fathers room..

  3. you herd of friends dont let friends drink and rive……..well friends dont lets friends smack there head on a wall…….this should be call friends fail…i think he was standing just fine befor they came alomg

  4. omg i remember that night about 35 years ago… I drank like shit, and my buddies had a camera. i fail. never saw the pictures though. they were probably so stoned too that they forgot they even took to photos.

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