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    1. The thing is, just incase anyone is scratching their heads on this one… Y’see, it’s not Christmas, those aren’t Christmas trees + they pitched a circus tent over a radio tower & it broke through. Silly Carnies. 😉

  1. In the south hemisphere is mora apropiate to have a palm christmas tree than a spruce tree.

    Snow covered Spruces don’t work well with +30C temperatures

    Anyway what the fuck has a spruce tree got to do with Jesus birth?

    Christmas trees are a fail…

    1. Definitly agry most of the symbols of christiandom are epic fail, total non-sens!
      No spruces grow on in Bethleem or in that region in general, not the good climat! Santa Claus (Is a creation of coca-cola company in 1800s, it was their logo)! Easter : what’s they point with rabbits and eggs, and the relation with the Christ??? People just don’t use their brain and accept any sh*t. 🙂 So Epic Fail!… for the poster of that Fail ^^

    2. @Pict You obviously haven’t watched the South Park season 11 Episode 5 episode. Once you watch that you will understand. lol

  2. I took this picture and thought the same thing blablabla. After driving around the corner to the other side…the same kind of trees are on the inside.

  3. OMG! This is by my house 😀 I know exactly where this is hahahahah! i see it all the time. epic :] you just come to expect these kinds of things in florida!!

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