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  1. thats just nasty fuck… if the pic was live action vid… we would see all the creatures living in that shit…I walked past and heard some crazy shit… rattles hisses and some children giggles fallowed bye cries… this car if filthy and im sure the owner looks so much trashier just wish the camear man wasnt busy throwing put when it was time for his pic… whats lamer still is the bitches lurking epicfail for that gay ass first yell… lmfao wow… talk about some epic fails… there should be a section for lame ass comments like first… EVERYBODY FAILS>>> FIRST ASS BITCHES… talk shit or get hit

    1. everybody? I hope you know you just included yourself!OH NO I TALKED CRAP!What are you going to do now,role play hit me?

    1. Good point, though I was always taught to use mirrors and not to stick out your head through the window.

  2. Well well, someone works at best-buy and lives outta their car. Got dumped/ got kicked out/ evicted/ lazy bum/ or combo of all.

  3. yuck! I think that the person who lives in there is probably trapped in there, in the middle of all the garbage. and just like teabaggs dirty said earlier about the hissing and the rattles of snakes in the car, i bet there was some sort of creature that sucked him into his mess… rotflmao!

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