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    1. ok i get this game… its for lame ass fucks… never been touched.. and need to feel that cherry pop… well hope its workin… cause anythings gonna be better then nutts on your chin… i would guess…40 YEAR OLD VIRGIN WINNER

    2. Holy Hell! That look just like my 11th grade Ancient History teacher Mr Carenza. “Ancient” history teacher or “ancient History teacher?” You make the call.

  1. oh ya… and as for this dude… thats funny… love to see bruce willis out… looks like that old fuck is rolling hard… or just cracked the fuck out… You would think he could afford a real hand bag instead of that bloody tampon hes stringin… clash any much?… at least get some style with it…you are either color blink or strait up retarded… biting you lip makes it soo much worse… is that a seizure??…

    1. Lmfao… i post and you bitches jump… dont hate on me cause i have full thoughts in my head… and can say more than first… if you cant read more than a sentence… hooked on phonics… google now… should help

  2. @ vic, this is not photo shopped. This is a real guy and I have seen him before at that exact bar.. Its called skullys music diner, in columbus ohio, and you can find him there almost every thursday night. He has many terrible outfits that he wears like this one.

    1. Dude! I go to Skully’s for Ladies 80s night on Thursdays. This dude is mad creepy. He got completely naked except for his tighty whiteys once.

  3. Yeah…I’m a bartender there (you can see me in the background wearing the black and white american apparel baseball tee)…and this isn’t even close to as bad as it can be. he wears the craziest shit and keeps spare outfits in his pickup truck (which is spraypainted with all kinds of crazy messages such as “devo has all the answers”…yes the whip it people…”obama is an alien”…”aliens are real and they’re coming soon” and all kinds of other crazy shit.) haha he drinks straight shots of absolut and his breath smells like baked beans that have been smoldering in the smelly pit of satan’s asshole. if ONLY i could get a video of him doing his dance spinning around in circles tipping his hat to the crowd hahahaha

  4. Oh Skullys….. You bring interesting crowds. I just hope I never see this guy there when roeVy performs..

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