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    1. Both of you are wrong- this is Ronald and Grimace’s love child. Their fat and disgusting love child.

  1. @Shane,, You failed for putting that comment,, A lot of black women are very fit thank you,, And while your race is always under the knife us black women don’t need to be because we were born with our features,, Now thank you.

    1. face it most black girls are fat and nasty. The fattest cities in America are mostly black cities. There is some hot black chicks but theres more that are fat and ugly.

  2. She prob has leftovers in her rolls she can eat. Save your money honey. Oh wait she needs some Kool-aid to drink…. Urange pls

  3. let me sum up the suckers on here by saying “i bet she has a good personality” . I love a fat society, I think we should all accept a bunch of fatties who dont respect themselves!.

  4. The hair makes it worse why do fat pol think they are sexy. .. I bet they don’t see the rolls on there side when they put on pants all that fat Lapps lappin over there belt

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