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    1. we were cool up until now. Yeah we like chicken who doesnt? (vegetarians and vegans)… but to say we would take a deep fried head… that is offensive, wadda we look like, zombies?

    2. I got a McDonalds horror story for you all… A guy I know ordered the Chicken Breast sandwich, when he bit into it, what he thought was extra mayo dripping down his chin, turns out it was a Huge PUSS bubble inside the chicken breast.-True Story… Enjoy your day! lol 😉

    3. do you even want to know what they put into the McFluries to keep them cold? ground up chicken feathers!

    4. I used to work for McDonalds and what we did to make McFlurries we took ice cream from the ice cream machine (we put a huge bag of Milk, Sugar, Cream and a couple other ingredients that are not animal based into the ice cream machine), put two measures of the topping onto the ice cream; put the spoon on the end of the mixing device and stir.

    5. we were cool up until now?, over a joke?…you make me sick …im real mother fuckers, no smile in your face stab you in the back shit, i say it like it is, if you’re black and cant handle that, then go and hang with the im not racist im not racist snake’s that talk behind your back, it is said that the devil will come in the form of a saint and i aint no saint, ill say black jokes wether you like it or not

    6. Dude after i typed it and hit send i saw that the joke in my comment wasnt gonna be seen. my bad dude. Im not sensitive like that, I’m from Jamaica the thing i get sensitive about is “cool runnings” jokes. I hated that movie that bad.

    7. she have a problem with a chicken head what about pig intestines.. people suck crawfish heads.. she will not get paid 4 this

    8. I worked at mcdonalds n the story of a puss bubble..i doubt it maybe but yah it can happen.what is probably was and happened to me like 10 years a chicken burger i has liquid pour out too ..its the arteries and larger veins inside so nasty. it was a thick tube like i couldnt chew it..i almost puked and still have never eaten one again.Oh ya it was the crispy chicken.

    9. Happy camper if you could never tell that story again that would be great you made me sick to my stomach…thanks

    1. Because half of the people on this site are retarded trolls and no one moderates the posts.

  1. Old story, she set it up, she put the head in the box, she plead guilty to fraud. The actual fail was her attempt to steal money from McD’s and her failure to pull it off.

  2. madonalds and all those precessed foods make me wanna throw up so much….. thnk’s god europeans have a healthier life with natural and delicious profucts:)

    1. I was told by a British immigrant that English food suck. no flavour, mostly bland and most of what is actually good is always in shortage. But oddly the food makes your men ass ugly but most of the women turn out damn fine. The Milf from the Orbitz gum commercials… Damn

    2. yes you are right english food suck’s, health food has no tast…and we aint no 3rd world country, who the fuck told you we have food shortage’s lol

    3. Hahahaha Nah dude the food with flavour. thats what this guy from work told me (he’s the one from England, he’s a fat ass now), and there are ways to makes healthy food taste great without compromising the healthy part of it. I hate frying anything either grilled or baked.

    4. we have tasty food, its just no skinny basterd knows how to cook here lol but i will say, america has a vast veriaty of crap that we dont get, mainly cuz the goverment are trying to mass diet us lol for “health and safety” reasons, i always say, if i win the lotto, im moving to america, get me some fryed chicken heads yum yum yum lol

  3. One of the many reasons I’m turning vegetarian. Fuck McDonald’s. McNuggets are the “headless” remains of chickens mashed all together and covered with some sort of flour.

  4. what the F***** OF THE F*****ing hell that is so F*****ing creapy but stil even if that really is real I mean it’s Macdonalds are you guys serieusly suprised!!??? And even thow the average personne woulden’ t eat that f*****ing demonic crap but common it would be no problem for that BLACK chic to eat that fried chiken hed, heck I bet aftershe took that pic she had no probleme nom nom nummin on that hed

    1. oh no yuo didnt!!! but I agree!!! hey michy#1 TOU WANT TO GO UOT SOME TIME!!!????? I SEE YOUR COMMENTS EVERYWHERE!!! and you seem like my kind of girl soooo!!???


  6. if this was real I’d believe it, I bit into a chicken nugget from McDonalds once and there was a nasty crunchy piece in it. Then a few years later we saw a video in health class about what McDonalds puts in their food, I will never ever eat there again.

  7. fyi: you can find chicken feet, head, intestine and blood (dried then cut to cubes) along the streets in Philippines, they marinate it with sauce, condiments and others use liquors then grilled…(dip ion vinegar with garlic onion pepper!). i love the intestine (a.k.a. isaw) and chicken blood (a.k.a. betamax)

  8. @dyquen you dont have to be a zombie to eat a chicken head (unless you are thinking that one must have to wat the skull and the beak) there are more strange food around the globe people dont have to have to be ignorant! there is another favorite in my country its called BALUT it is unhatched duckling i guess boiled. i think fear factor use it as a challenge once! but its so damn yummy!

  9. Tbh, I would rather be English than American cos Americans are fatties and English aren’t. Hmph, makeds me sad to be an american…

  10. ggggggggggggggggggggggaayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssssss nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigggggggggggggggggaaaaaaaaa james myers is gay fag

  11. Is that the beak? -.-‘ If that was me I would freak the fxck out! I would be like WTF IS THIS SHXT??? I fxckin chicken head? WTF do I look like? Ronald McDonald? Even though that makes zero sense xD

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