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    1. I know the reference is old, but you need to take a risk & not spell it out. oh well, better luck next time. 😉

    2. A “Clarence Thomas” isn’t as widely known as “Cleveland Steamer”, “Dirty Sanches” or “A Rusty Venture”. Given the average age of the posters here, I thought “spelling it out” was necessary. A broad laugh is better than a narrow or nonexistent one.

    1. Go fuck yourself you foreign piece of shit. God why are foreigners so jealous of AMERICANS? LOL Probably because they wish they could live the lives that we live!!

    2. I am an american, but i am wayy skinny. Its true that america has the most obese people. I wish I lived in France -.- Where you can actually trust the meat nd food there…. They have freaking bakeries inside of there, like pastries and cakes and everything.

  1. Hmm, I rekin I saw a photo of “Canal Restaurant” with C blacked out like… I dunno, some 10 years ago maybe. This doesn’t look THAT bad.

  2. Lol one time when I was in the car I looked out the window and there was a sign called
    ” nice butts” . It was a cigarette store

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