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    1. Here’s another metaphor for you: The American learns to shoot without arms while the French surrender with both hands high in the air.

    2. if the french had surrender, you stupid mother fucker, you should have to kiss the english ass of the queen every morning!! FRANCE BRING FREEEDOM AND INDEPENDANCE TO THE USA !!! READ MORE HISTORY BOOK ASSHOLE !!!!! like if the american haven’t come in 45, i should have to kiss nazi ass every morning.

    3. usa=new europe WIN lt’s all be friends ^^ really..we do not need to show froggies how much we hate them..

    4. Wrong. The D day was just a way capitalists arranged to prevent USSR from achieving all-alone the total victory against nazis on the eastern front. USSR, the real WWII winners, the other Allied countries were mere co-stars.

    5. USA = New Europe was talking about the help the French offered us during the Revolutionary War. C’mon man, it was even in a movie “The Patriots”.

    6. Well…. The French did show up a little bit late to the United States’s first party. Just like we did in the second world war

    7. totally agree with vinnie. The defeat of the nazi’s was pretty much due to the Russians suffering a deathtoll estimated at 25m, and the fact that the nazi’s overstretched themselves going into russia, with overstretched supply lines. Americsa only got into the war for the money – Pearl Harbour was the same as 9/11 – a false flag attack. The entire American fleet had not been upgraded after the first world war (Still using coal as fuel, rather than oil), and had been deemed unfit for future purpose. So, the good ol’ hierarchy of the Ameriocan government made sure the fleet was in pearl harbor, and that the Japanese were informed of this. not a dig on americans per se, but the despicable actions of their government.BTW, i’m Scottish, not British.

    8. I know the perfect phrase for this.
      “There are only 2 things the french are good at, kissing and surrendering” – Call of Duty

  1. You just got shot by this guy, and you try to tell this story… noone on earth would believe that a guy with no arms shot you in the ass without this vid as proof.

    1. ….I understand what you’re trying to say and those brainless people have ARMS… but i must say… your engrish is golden

  2. Haha, angry Americans preparing for the invasion that will never happen, you’ve already been served by the Chinese and you never even noticed them taking your place as the first nation of the world. Good luck selling those Detroit built cars, try adding bigger wings to them, maybe that’ll work, like it did in the fifties.

    1. wha??? ok I get it about the chinese thing. Yes we owe them a shit-ton of money. But they have to make cheap knock-off versions of everything because free thought and enterprise are stifled. India has a better chance of taking the championship belt from us…But, bigger wings on cars? Preparing for an invasion? With so much to bust our balls about you choose some incomprehensible shit? Stick to the classics; Fat, warmonger, myopic, or pretentious will go much further in insulting my (still better than your douche- hole of a) country. 😉

    2. Doesn’t. Matter how much money we owe the chinese anyway cause we probably will never pay them back and eventually go to war over it and once we kick their asses then we won’t have to pay them back then all the outsourced jobs will have to come back to us.

  3. First of all if it wasn’t. For the usa supplying the ussr with with everything how would they ever be able to fight the nazis?

  4. You guys are arguing over the wrong point. Jetty got history incorrect. When Germany declared war on France, it ITALY that surrendered an hour later! 😀

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