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  1. Yo, like wtf. First off, why the fuck would you someone in your hair cut. That’s just gay. Second, how bad can you fucking fail that. The hair cut look like a ninja turtle. Lastly, why the fuck would you even agree to doing that shit and then fucking it up so badly. Like if your going to do it, at least don’t mess it up. Like it isn’t horrible, but at least do a better job than make him look like he’s crying in the picture.

  2. ignoring the “bad idea” part of this, is that supposed to be chris brown, with “potata” ears, a flat nose and crossed eyes?

    and that he’s sitting there proud as can be, looking dumb as can be, is priceless! hahahahaha….

  3. You can always count on black people to entertain with stupidity….and before you go crying racist on me have a look at the fails out there and try to tell me i’m not right

  4. That guy isn’t even black, morons. Clearly, hispanic! And no you are not right considering the vast amount of white fails on this site; don’t be racist and then expect no one to call you a dickface for it.

  5. Jesus, this is douchedom at its worst. Drake will be out of the game in the next couple of years. This douche will still probably look back at this and smile.

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