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    1. that is frickin funny as hell. There is no fail. i’ve seen other kids with way worse words. to get that on video hilarious! total win.

  1. That is a WIN! You know damn well they wouldn’t teach her that, just one of them things she just picked up by accident and used it perfectly!

  2. Cute WIN! That was adorable! She is so incredibly cute! Parenting WIN as well. They seem like loving parents who spend quality time with their child. I absolutely adore this video! And Kay, I completely agree with you! She definitely would have picked that up by accident, especially since she’s very chatty and highly social! The look on her face afterwards was priceless!

  3. How is this a win? A foul mouthed child. Yes, that’s what this world needs more of. Where will the foul mouthed loser end up? Reading Epic Fail instead of working… commenting on fails saying WIN! cute? disgusting more like it. Get this child pierced and tattooed as well finish the deal.

    1. I’m pretty sure it was just random baby gibberish that happened to sound like “oh shit”. You are a jaded, pathetic, hypocritical individual… welcome to the club.

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