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    1. never know that guy could have such a bad rep with girls that that old lady is his girlfriend

  1. If you want to post a pic to pick up the ladies (or guys) at the gym, next time… read the manual to see if the camera has a timer. or at least by a camera with the known fact that it has a timer. Granny is a sure fire way to get that date with Hannda Leftie for the next 6 months

    1. Very good point, but if you’re living with grandma still, and you can’t find a job for *anything* to get your own place, then I’m pretty sure that you wouldn’t have thought of a timer on the camera.

  2. what a family resemblence…i cant tell if its ur momma or u scrubba dubb dubb…..who really has their parental unit take a pic for the ladies…come on dude…now ur never gonna get ass…GETTIN ASS FAIL

  3. I bet he banged his Mom after the picture to say thank you. She raised him by herself into the man he is today. Thanks ..Mom.

    1. haha, yeah fine we are rude and yeah add me on facebook vihan van der walt, probably more good looking so not an egotistical problem, can i tell u. lol im tripping balls at this moment on acid and i took a line aswell and im not sure where i am and what im doing. where am i, lol. ffs. sorry if i offended anybody.

  4. Do you losers really not have anything better to do the laugh at a picture taken by someone? Your moms and grandmas never took your pics? Ibet you all have those retarded self mirror protraits or skanky duck face poses. Seriously get a life…

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