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    1. It is how we will undermine them. We will export this “culture” to them. They will get lazy, entitled and bring down China. Go rap.

    2. We could also teach them how to give illegal aliens unemployment benefits and welfare.

  1. i love real hip hop, and i cant stand it when i see rapper wanabe’s thinking that eminem is underground and hard core lol and easten europeans thinking that every good group sounds like wu tang clan lol,quote this is good yes? sounds like wu tang clan no?,
    pete rock and c l smooth
    guru,gangstar,fucking DJ premier
    mobb deep, alcemist
    b.real, dj muggs , cypress hill, i could go on, you need to listen to this list befor you can even say quote i like hip hop

    1. well to be truefull, nether would i, but this is the internet and i can act and say stupid shit and get away with it all day long now cant i , smile to my self, knowing you will never know who i am

    2. DUDE hahahaha i know man i know. this chick i work with said she loves hip hop and knows everybody in the game…. then we asked her… so do you know who Easy E is? or what about NWA… needless to say we LOL’d big time when she asked who was Easy E and what was NWA. even the whitest boy there who is only into headbanger music knew who he was.

    3. if im so boring and stupid, why have i got people commenting on me ? face it, you hate me cuz you aint me.. that or you’re an eminem fan, and not even the old eminem, the new shitty power balled one hahaha and easy e was the shit back in the day with gimme that nut, its a shame him and dre had beef before easy dieded

  2. If you watch his free hand while he’s rapping… it totally looks like he’s giving his imaginary friend a hand shandy!

  3. I never uploaded a video to youtube before, but i think you record the video first before uploading right? giving you a chance to review your material. and if you can stream live to it wouldnt you think that having your rhyme on point is the most important thing?
    You killed 8-Mile you ass.

  4. Now this what I call EPICFAIL lol. He did many ironic things in this vid too. The long pause in the beginning; I was expecting something to come out from him and then…o.o “…I can rap because I have been bitchslapped” funniest thing ever!
    Great comedy I havent laughed so hard in a really long time!

  5. yeah i first though picture but that does not make sense bitchslapped was my second word. LOL if you been bitchslapped then grats you can rap.

    lol “i got boys in different areas”

  6. WTF lol i know this guy he lives in south sydney near hurstville, this was done as a joke btw to make fun of another one of our mates

  7. well t leest we know he can reed man that reeding was awfull i couldnt wait for it to end and im 14 telling u this reedingg raper get a live

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