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    1. I was thinking the same thing. The guy looks at her like he’s just been introduced, and like he’s never talked to a girl before anyway. He so fugly and she’s so pretty too.

    1. Why do people with “first” exist in the first place? What the fuck do you get out of saying first, first? I call these people spammers. And don’t forget: it’s spammers who shoud commit Harakiri, and not the samurais. Damn it. You people deserve a kick in the balls. Daily. Two or more times a day. And every kick should be immediately by a second one.
      Stupid fucks.

  1. You can totally tell that later he’ll be hitting that. In the bellybutton thinking hes doing it right. Noooooooooooooobs.
    They probably think that by holding hands she’ll get pregnant. lol

  2. I can only imagine the honeymoon. they’ll be doing that same awkward dance trying to figure out how its gonna go in and who’s leg goes where with…OW..OW…Ow…Just stop it stop it…. i dont like this… lets google it and if we want to try later then we will get someone to help us… and why didnt you tell me your babyleg would kick me in the groin if we got naked?

    1. they both look like they were hoping one of their drinks were poisoned so that they could get the hell out!

    2. I think their parents forced them to get married. they just don’t know what they’re doing, they seem so scarred that just cant even move fluidly

  3. I’m wondering how the wedding night went? “What is that hole?” “I’m i supposed to take of my underwear?”

  4. they look like they dont even wanna get married…..she looks unhappy by this….probably her father made the wedding plans back in the day for goats and pigs when she was 3

  5. I dont know whats worse..the fact that they look absolutely MISERABLE at their own wedding, the fact that they’re both morons, or the fact that they didnt even laugh at their own stupidity. I pray they dont have children.

  6. Wow this is a double fail…. not only are they confused on how to sip the wine but they don’t even look like they wanna be there…. LMAO!!!!!!

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