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    1. no way a simple mishap he tried to see if he could stop that lathe “its made to turn down steel. why would you do this your asking to get hurt

  1. lol if that kept goen he would have been a turkey twizzler… that’s right… I know their secret ingredient -.-

  2. Kids in shop class fuxin around. Lucky the belt was slipping and set to run so slow. It doesn’t look like he was hurt that bad though. I think I’ve hurt myself worse by cutting myself on chips.

    The big fail here is the “joke” that the kid pressing start was trying to pull. I bet when the other kid flew over the lathe he was already regretting pressing that green button.

  3. This brought back memories of seventh grade wood shop. I almost lost a finger to a lathe, those things are dangerous if not taken seriously. I can’t believe these morons were able to do this without someone stopping them..

  4. A guy in my class left the chuck key in the lathe then started the lathe when I was near it, as a ‘joke’. The chuck key flew over my head, I was very very pissed off. That guy is lucky he didn’t come out of that worse off. Reminds me of stories of people getting caught on tractor PTO’s.

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