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    1. Wow randomly being the first person to stumble across this video… that must give you some sort of special status, like a god amongst men.[/sarcasm]

      But yeh… the poor guy looked like the shame hurt him way more than the fall 😀

  1. I know these guys are well trained and tough, but dude looks like a little bitch about to cry. I’m not saying falling like that didn’t hurt, but I’d rather that than several punches to the head. It’s hard to feel sorry for the idiot who self inflicts pain on themself.

  2. first bitches :D:D:D:D i would like to thank my friends, family and the CEO at Nasa for letting me visit the moon :D:D:D:D

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  4. Seriously? This guy got hurt from that? I don’t think he should be fighting. It knocked the wind out of him at best, but that’s no reason to squirm around like a wimp.

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