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    1. This is why it’s a good idea to make sure your tattoo artist graduated high school! XD I wonder how much that will cost to fix! Hopefully that fuckup comes from the artist’s pocket!

  1. that isnts a fail….because se dont regret anything now…. (even when she SWALLOWS her cousins cum on the elevator)…yes she have a boyfriend too, and her name is Sasha (from argentina). ahora jodeste bien puta!!!! ahahahah ass: pablo

    1. OMG you dumbasses ! In Holland (where I’m from) regels means rulen and not in f-ing Germany !

    1. Actually this is irony linguist, because she will surely regret this tatoo. Look at a dictionary before you try to correct others. Also irony and coincidence are not mutually exclusive. Look that one up, dumb ass.

    2. @dimplick Its “TATTOO”. Try proof reading what you type before you critique someones elses comments. You fucking douche…

  2. I love fucking shemale prostitutes. However I regret that I caught HIV from barebacking with a 6 foot Samoan tranny. So the moral of the story is: wear a condom kids.

  3. she needs a lil’ carrot top ^ and an ‘r’ between the ‘g’ and ‘e’… that’ll fix ‘er right up. lol

  4. Tattoo artists ALWAYS show the sketch to clients for approval, and after applying the sketch they also ask you to check the sketch on your skin again for placement. This is such a fail and this woman was a retard for not correcting it bahahahaha! It’s unfortunate though that the tattoo artist does not know how to spell. Lesson learned: don’t put two idiots in the same room together with a tattoo gun :S

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