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  1. I want to know who this girl is and where she’s from so I can report her to Child Protective Services and have her arrested for child endangerment.

    1. Jesus settle down, you act as if EF took these pics themselves. It would be a hassle for them to do that, its the responsibility of whoever took it/sent it in.

      And seriously, child endangerment from weed? Come on now, you must know nothing of weed, link me those articles on the dangers (scientific research please, no personal opinions). Good luck with that.

    2. I have a Bachelors in Criminal Justice and it’s kind of ironic how you don’t want personal opinions when you just gave us yours. This is definitely child endangerment, if you don’t think so then you must be willing to put your child through that too. She can do all the dumb shit she wants but leave children out of it.

    3. `dante your dumb. nothing in this pic would be child endangerment. she is posing for a pic. nothing being smoked. infact i am pretty sure there is no weed in that pipe. not sure what that is but looks more like a dryed up oak leaf

    4. I understand where you’re coming from “poop” but for instance, if your house gets raided and they find drugs in it, even if they aren’t being used in the home, if children live there you’ll be charged with endangering a child. Yeah maybe she’s just posing but in front of a little kid like that? They shouldn’t have the privilege of having children.

    5. Well, then the law is just plain stupid! “Child endangerment” – that’s just ridiculous. Any bottle of booze bears more potential of causing someone to abuse his child than a bit of weed.

    6. Anybody else think that DANTE is missing the point of this site? Most people on here are endangering somebody! Normally its themselves but sometimes its others! That would be the ‘FAIL’ aspect!

    7. Its plain and simple here. Dante knows nothing of Marijuana. Only throwing around his “knowledge” because of his BA.

      I mean, unless you know of any other reason they would voice their opinion (wasting everyone’s times) like EF would just go, “Oh Hey, we are sorry. Here is the info on the person who submitted the pic.”

    8. Sigh… Dante… you have learned the hard way who the majority are of people who visit this site. Sadly, not typically level-minded, responsible parents… perhaps like us? I agree with you, but in this case you’re fighting a losing battle. πŸ™‚

    9. I agree…some people should be fixed… if people think this is OK then they have just as many issues as this chick..

  2. Who the hell smokes their weed like that anyways? You dont have to use a grinder, but hell, atleast break it up better than that.

    1. Screw a name, if it’s green, white, or purple and smells good, you can call it O.J. Simpsons bloody glove and I’d smoke haha!

  3. What a dumb ass spic i wish they would all go back to their mexico, they fucked up their own country so now they are coming to ours to fuck it up

  4. Dante – you are a multi-fail…

    1: “This is definitely child endangerment, if you don’t think so then you must be willing to put your child through that too.” : WTF? That is just not how human behaviour works. I’m not willing to put my child through Justin Bieber’s shit music but it doesn’t mean it’s child endangerment.

    2: It’s a posed photo without actual weed in it.

    3: This is a comedy website. Get over yourself. You are a bag of piss. Fact.

    1. Sorry Buttlord (actually laughed writing that) I believe you will find that listening to be Bieber qualifies as an infringement on everybodys rights which means it can be classed as endangerment!

  5. In responsible little trickk. Bitch don’t you see your whatever that is beside you, set a damn example.. Jesus the stupid woman these days;

  6. I can’t even tell what the hell she is smoking.
    But, needless to say, even if she is smoking a dried up oak leaf, she is being an example for the child, and the vicious cycle will never end.

  7. she probably just hates the taste of spinach so she smokes it to get her iron. nothing illegal about smoking spinach.

  8. How dumb can a person be? A pic of this in front of a child. The only thing that has to happen is the state’s CPS get a hold of this and swipe the kid into its pedophile hands!


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