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  1. Hi!

    The girl’s name on the left side (blonde) is Nóra Purger. Nóra is a hungarian internet-celebrity, ’cause she played a part a home video, in which made love to more men. She poses on some hungarian fail-blogs often.

  2. omg… there is hungarian girls… on the left is Purger Nori… write in the google (Nori or Nora)…:) hungarian fail shit celeb xD

    1. Jimmy, you fucker I hope you die a slow and painful death. You bring shame on the white race.
      See you in hell motherfucker.

  3. the girl on the left is Alexandra Nillson a.k.a Kissie, plastic surgery princess from sweden. she’s very popular in sweden & I am not surprised. LOL.

  4. The girl on the left is fucking hot.
    – I would deff fuck her, Her lips are so nice and big and juicy !!

  5. this pic is beyond hilarious, they could use it to treat clinical depression, you cant look at the chick on the right without laughing 😀

  6. The girl on the left needs a new plastic surgeon who knows what they’re doing. The girl on the right is clearly mocking her. They both look like retards though.

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