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  1. bitch u so dumb, you really really dumb..
    instead of complaining, why don’t u feed him right?
    and yeah, we boys like to watch porn, but that doesn’t mean our girlfriends are not satisfying us..
    so next time instead of complaining just join him or STFU

    1. I agree that the answer is good. It has 3 thumbs down, though, so the people on that site must be idiots (or all women LOL).

    2. Im so totally, like… angry now.
      just kiddin, just hate that kind of talk.


      Boring, right now

  2. Lol what a naive girl. Even if she was the hottest girl on Earth, he would still watch porn. It’s what we men do besides eating and sleeping.

  3. The answer is a win! It is SPOT ON! if this chick was doing her job, he wouldn’t be looking some where else. I bet he was hard from the porn. why wasn’t she helping him with that hard problem. Perhaps she should have said ” I can do it better than those Ho’s in the porn, let me show you” Then when she was finished , go make him a sandwich and a cold beer. After that … porn what porn. let’s do it again baby.
    Turn this into a win. that’s my answer to her question.

  4. even if she was a lass in a porno he would still watch other porn! lmao!

    Im a lass and I was laughing at how sad she is! Whats with her stressing out so bad…..its only a little bit of porn, not like its beastiality or gay porn then she should be worried! lamo

  5. Oh poor naive gal.. does she realise what a win it could be for both of them if instead of doing her nut… she did his? he he he … join in silly girl! Have fun with it. He’ll love you forever..

  6. The correct response to catching your man watching porn is to shut up walk over and finish the job for him. Show him that your better than any porn.

  7. If a girl ever whines if I watch porn (which I hardly do, pun not quite intended hehehe), id break up with her, I do what the FUCK I want, except banging other women, if my girlfriend was like this stupid bitch ill drag her out at once.

  8. Lol if my bf would watch porn and jerk off I wouldn’t mind. On the contrary, would be turned on and share the porn we like XD

  9. Don’t blame the guy for telling a little lie like that if she reacts like that. Think he gets bitch-slapped for talking to female shop assistants?

  10. YES!
    Someones not like have done like the duties and like the jobs done proberly so dis poor young man had work on his hands and you like diss him??
    Lady next time you like do better what ladies are like made for! DO YOUR JOB PROPERLY!!

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