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    1. who woud of ever thought that ganstas actually <3 loved each otha nigga dats nasty im black wit gangstas in my family dis is gay and ๐Ÿ™

  1. a fail just because they’re touching? Fuck you, hater. I’d love to see you tell them they’re a fail in person so they could fucking beat you to death.

    1. You have to be joking, they’re arent just touching. His penis is basically in his hand, And I would tell them they are gay in person, just because they’re black does not make them tough sweet cheeks! Now go get me a sweet tea.

    2. after you beat to death whoever you are talking to, are you going to cuddle up with your homie for some zzz’s?

    3. they got plenty of time to decide if they’re offended, because they don’t have jobs. I don’t call selling crack or prostituting poor trashy teenagers a job.

    4. to BOB your a friggin joker … ” Now get me a sweet tea ” PASS ! That’s a dangerous line lmao *smh. I side with a lot of others when I say … FAIL ๐Ÿ™‚

    5. Yah you stick up for the queer gangsters. Look dude they are has hard as a pillow. And ye who talk the most shit fails during nap time!!! We are all human. These two just proved that ignorance is caught on cammera. Your a queer troll, you are not a hard core ganster STFU!! your a failure at life. You do not desreve to breath my air. So do us all a favor keep your hard core comments to yourself. Do not infect us with your ignorance.

    6. you dont even know them what cuz they are gay they cant be gangsta. i agree with mimi i would love to see any of you go up to them and tell them what you been saying on here about them. then i would love to watch them kick your teeth down your throat.

    7. Black people aren’t extra sensitive and yes a blind person could see they are gay. I guess they’re hip hop homo’s

    1. dumb bitch ! there is a fail about this!

    1. How stupid are you? I know your crackhead mother dropped you on your head when you were little. To use 50 Cent as your name and you are talking in 3rd person. You are a hater and get off…No you may like that. Take a knife and kill yo self and die of HIV AND CANCER you cornball.

  2. I don’t really see anything ‘gangsta’ about them. Put two white guys in those outfits, and no one would think that. They’re dressed like any suburban guy between the age of 15 and 25. Plus, it’s kind of adorable.

    1. your ignorant as hell and you’re probably gay. so what the queers on the train cuddled up.. who gives a fuck. Im not gay but if I seen it in person I would of laughed and keep walking. Plus everyone assuming they’re ‘gangsters’ ‘thugs’ thats immature grow up clowns.


    2. not everyone touches their dick when they see a picture of fags. SORRY to disappoint you. It’s fail, because men aren’t meant to look like they have a vagina, because they have a penis. it takes 2 seconds for ANYONE WITH A BRAIN, to realize that’s not what the butthole is for. I bet his buddy wears diapers already, or will be by the time he’s 30.. sick shit, pardon the pun..

  3. gay or not you guys probably aren’t secure enough with yourselves to let your brother or friend lean on you in public. no one commenting has any idea about the context of the photo.

    1. I dont have a brother, and While i am secure enough to lean on my buddy i wouldnt let him put is arm around me like he would his girl. That nigga would get dropped.

    2. Doesnt matter how secure you are, 100% of people who saw this thinks GAY, and if you dont want ppl to think so then you dont do this. One thing is falling asleep and leaning while sleeping, this is clearly something else that guy is f holding his hands!

  4. Well everybody who think this is Gay, never experienced true friendship or is just homophobic. I don’t say it isn’t funny because it is – they dress up like tough guys and end up sleeping on each other breasts – a real tough guy doesn’t need to sleep or is able to sleep while standing – but it’s not gay at all.

  5. ok the pic has its ups and downs, but i agree its thug love, like u got my back i got urs type of thing (no homo)… if they were wearing army uniforms or marine uniforms would u guys think the same? cause i kno in iraq i slept on my “brothers” shoulder an im not gay, 90 percent of u suffer from homophobic syndrome its ok tho im not judging like u are

  6. they are clearly gay, u can blaintly see that thats a lil more than thug luv hes holding his hand! letting him lean on him yeah, but the dude is clinching his hand like u wud with ur partners

  7. they are cute. its a fail just because they are both boys dressed like thugs? that may just be their style preference. to call this a fail you must think all gay ppl are a fail. and for that i say fuck you

  8. either they’re two straight guys who are really comfortable around each other,or they’re lovers(which,judging from the hand placement..that’s my bet) or straight.i don’t give a crap.i think they’re friggin adorable.
    (also,would this be considered a ‘fail’ if it were two women in the same position??)

  9. Well, IMO, if it looks and acts like a duck, yet tries to appear -in every way- as a snake: it’s still a fucking duck.
    My momma always said: Queer is as queer DOES.

  10. I don’t get it. Doesn’t everyone hold their boys hand, that’s wrapped around their chest, while trying to take a little nap, on the subway, while wearing a pitbull unkie, and repin ATL (shawty)? FAIL!!

  11. The amount of ignorance that is pervasive in these comments is quite frankly scary. Where do you guys live – under a rock? How about stepping out of your comfort circle of judging other people and get with the program. Hasn’t anyone ever watched the WIRE where one of the leading characters was a gangster in the TRUE sense of the word – and he was unapologetically GAY. The guys here aren’t probably gangsters at all, just two young men who prefer more of a hip-hip urban influence of attire. Get with the program folks – GAY (and straight) comes in many different forms and fashions.

  12. omg two men touching, everyone run and protect yourselves you might catch it! seriously? I think it’s funny as hell but I also think it’s sweet. what bothers me more is the reactions. every time I think the worlds getting maybe just a little smarter I read shit such as: dem niggaz iz gay! and wonder, what the bloody fucking hell ever happened to grammar and tolerance?

  13. This is an Epic WIN – these two MEN are confident enough in themselves to be who there are, where-ever they are and not give a damn what small-minded (and probably small-dicked) idiots think. SHAME on the editors of this website for labeling this one a fail – the only failure is the losers who can’t see past their own pathetioc bigotries to honor friendship and admire courage

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