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    1. OMG! I was in NYC in when this guy was filming this video. I was in Time Square on those red steps, standing next to him, watching this doucher film this and I even have a video of it on my cell phone! SO FUNNY!
      Anyway, this guy sucks…and he should die…

    1. lol, why would you think that?

      It’s a fail because:
      1) his harmonies are looser than a 2-dollar whores’ vajayjay.
      2) his dancing isn’t actually that good
      3) he tries to appear like a well-off ‘gangsta’ but just ends up looking like a douche.

      Those were the 3 that came to mind.

  1. i’m sorry what the hell kind of lyrics is this? he just passed 5yr old English?… (deliberately not mentioning the melody, as people have gotten famous for worse than this)

  2. Sorry but this nigga needs to shut his african ass, This song sucks, a goat could regurge something more entertaining than this.Highly ridiculous,uncomfortable annoying.

  3. No worse than the ton of other crap out there called rap. Take any smuk off the street, teach him to talk in rhyme,and you have another rapper who no more lousy than the rest of them. It is a talentless genre.

    1. @noble: you idiot, all it takes is a producer to steal some talented artist’s music and some schmuck he pulls off the street to front it. then all the little uneducated a**holes will buy it up like candy, because they’re told to… you.

  4. they get all their confidence from dumb whores that let them fuck because only of their stereotype.

  5. wow!!he is a genius…he must be from africa cause they kinda think black people act like that in america?

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