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  1. who ever posted this must be an inbreed fail! first off this is not a picture, its a video,second I can’t understand what the hell is going on.

  2. It’s a wedding and the tradition it’s about to catch that bread…i think.The action took place in Romania…i know this ’cause i’m romanian :D…I’m glad this video got here ’cause those who read my comment hear something ’bout Romania :)) Funny video though 😀

    1. that’s a good one :))…i don’t really know about this “bread stealling” tradition…but in all romanian weddings the bride is stollen and the groom and the godfather are tryin’ to retrive her :))…that dosen’t mean we are a nation of thiefs. There are many rromani(gypsys) who made this country look bad…btw i’ll take the funny part of your comm:D peace…

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