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    1. America has an economy three times the size of China’s. We’re fucked right now because of this idiot in the White House, but I guarantee wherever you live is far more pathetic than us.

    2. Whatamess, I’m with ya, people are trading their rights for a false sense of economic security. The shiny veneer that the public sees is wearing thin… a much worse collapse is imminent.

    3. I say let Americky fail then Armageddon comes soonest and then shall we know the true economy of truth in every man and womans. The devil she is no match for my faith.

    4. 4evertheuni – Really? You are trying to use the EU as a winning argument against the US economy! In case you failed to look at the financial sections of EVERY GLOBAL NEWSPAPER the EU is about to collapse on itself. Why? Because most of the EU follows the Socialistic agenda that Barrack “What the Fuck” Obama is trying to implement through his forceful and illegal uses of executive powers.

      Open a newspaper, drink some water, and maybe you’ll grow a brain some day!




    1. Are you that fu*king ignorant? The “rich” ones as you put it are the ones who do pay taxes, the poor people not only pay nothing, but they GET paid in the form of EIC. Would you like to PAY for someone else? I work 80+ hours a week, just to provide for my family because the government takes my money to give to others.

    2. well, there IS something like tax-based public welfare in other countries and as I can actually attest it DOES work out quite well there. It’s egocentric dickheads like you who keep the U.S. from being anything near an egalitarian society.

    3. @poopr You stupid jerk… It DOESN’T “work out quite well there.” Have you heard of Greece, Spain, Portugal.. What about Ireland’s recent bailout?? The EU is more fucked than the US! TAKE YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE SAND.

    4. well you know something is wrong when the tax bracket for someone who makes $40,000 is the same for someone who makes $1,000,000. that just illogical!

    5. @poopr germany, sweden, and norway? who the fuck cares bout those piece of shit countries. Theres no where else better to live than in america, get it straight.

    6. (at least you’re not some whiny dipshit who does nothing but complain how everything’s goin’ down the gutter since Obama’s at the helm… You’re still a dipshit of course, but at least not whiny…)

    7. Hey DUN pull out a F*[email protected] calculator and do this for me. What is 20% of 40,000.00 vs 20% of 1,000,000.00. Who pays more taxes A$$hole. By your comment your are toooooo stupid to realize the that poor poor 40k person pays 8,000.00 a year vs the 200,000.00 the RICH person a year. OH let me guess the person who makes 1 Million a year did absolutely nothing to make that money. hahahahahah

    8. dumbass he is a democrat they want to raise taxes, that jackass of a president wants to make like when Jimmy Carter was president gas was so expensive it would be the equivalent of $7 today they had to hand out government bread and cheese republicans dont spend we vote against the spending bills, we try to stop what may become an inevitable downfall of an economy because of are u ready DEMOCRATS not republicans, so all u morons that think its republicans ur wrong do ur homework, Democrats and liberals give money to people thay belive in spending money to make money, europe was where we are getting ready to go it doesnt work they even said it why we cant learn i dont know but we are suffering because dumbasses have voted morons itno offices that shouldnt be there and now the people are starting to figure it out, i see less and less obama stickers and flyers everyday but there are the loyal ones (the morons). democrats and liberals sat we are racists far from it i happen to have a black exchange student living in my house and i know of very very few people that are racist, so u ignorant moron by the way here a website incase those words a bit to big for u

    9. Well its not really fair for the rich, but if you want a stable country with good economy than you have to help out the poor a little. Your country is called the “United” States.

    10. @Gio, please sir, I would prefer you not Describe those wonderful European countries in such a disrespectful manner, and as I remember, The United States is very far from the best place to live, in fact I recall the best places to live are in the countries you mentioned in your post(Google it) , so please, get it strait.

    11. @joshua You’re a complete idiot if you think poor people pay nothing. I admit that you have those lazy worthless fucks who don’t want to work and are always trying to mooch off of the government, but there’s alot more poor people who don’t do that stupid shit. I used to make 12,000 a year gross. After taxes I was lucky to bring in 8,000 a year, and only recieved about $500 in income tax each year. That was working 50+ hours a week, busting my ass just to make ends meet. How is paying close to 1/3 of your entire fucking check to taxes not paying anything?

      What’s fucking America up so much is you spoiled ass, greedy fucking rich people who are too stingy to give up any of their money to make other people’s lives easier. You guys don’t stop to think that that brand new car you just bought when you have 2 or more other perfectly good cars could have went toward 10 cheap cars and given that many people actual transportation instead of having to walk 5+ miles to work and back home every day.

      All of you rich people can suck my balls, cause I know that when the shit hits the fan, and all that “security” you have in the bank isn’t worth shit, it’s going to be people like me who have led difficult lives and struggled out whole lives just to survive that will come out on top.

      When you’ve lived in dumpy ass 2-room trailers with 5 other people most of your life then you can start bitching. When you’ve hit rock bottom and lost your house and your car, and everything you own because your job doesn’t pay you enough to afford rent or insurance, then you can complain. When you spend years in the street, bathing and washing your clothes in rivers just to be presentable for the shitty minimum wage job that you have, then you can bitch.

      I’ve been there, I’ve done that, and one thing I’ve learned through all my struggles is one thing: rich people only want to get richer, no matter how much they fuck over the people under them. I don’t care who you are or what you do, if your profession doesn’t involve directly dealing with someone’s health or education, you shouldn’t get more than $50,000/year. Hell, if you can’t live on 20k/year then you’re just worthless to this world.

    1. That’s not true at all. Fact Fail. Clinton and Obama had already discussed the fact that this would happen. The media even told the audience Obama would have to interrupt to leave early.

  2. Everything about osama is a FAIL. The fact that he walked out on a press conference so the dirty whore didnt have to wait just shows what kind of respect he has for this country. This country is going broke and this POS takes a vacation once a month, the last costing 20 million a day.

    1. the country is goping broke because Bush put use in two wars. it takes 10 years to recover from a economic crisis. it only takes one to puta country in one. we gave bush 8 years to sink use any have only given Obama 2 to try and fix it. not saying he is doing things right but at this point no one could have fix what we got stuck with.

    2. @WERWER You say, it takes ten years to recover from an economic crisis? How stupid are you? Obama wasted valuable time by working on a shopping list of Leftist dream policies (i.e. Cap and Trade, so-called Stimulus, Government Health Care), instead of putting in place policies which promote economic growth. The Democrats have controlled Congress since 2006; Obama, the White House since 2008… Plenty of time to manage a recovery, but they FUCKED IT UP!

  3. You see… he’s an African American, he has a biyatch to satisfy… this is why us white guys make better politicians. we don’t have to satisfy our wives because they only like us for our money 🙂 which we don’t spend on bling cause our friends would only try to scrounge off us if they knew we had more money than them. the worlds a harsh place, so we watch fails to make us feel better 😛

  4. This is a fail because obama is unpopular now… and is using clinton’s popularity to hide behind. what kind of president does this? leaves a press conference to an ex president? i was watching tv and when i saw this i thought. what? did i just go through a time warp or something? obama always tries these tactics to avoid blame. but it won’t work. this is what happens when you have a socialist community organizer in the white house instead of someone with REAL governing experience. clinton, reagan, and bush were all governors. they had experience with the buck stopping with them… obama never has. say what you will about bush, but the guy had class. read his book. the thing that struck me was the fact that he didn’t give a crap what people or pundits thought about him. it wasn’t his job to care what pundits thought. his only job was to keep americans safe after 911. he kept on saying history will decide on whether he was a good president or not. he also never comments on obama. unlike obama who blames bush for everything. this guy is a joke. my only fear is that the repubs won’t put up anyone good in ’12 and this dolt will win another disasterous term as pres. if the repubs put in a standard neocon or establishment repub, they will fail. we need new blood. someone like marco rubio who understands that we need to CUT SPENDING, lower taxes, freeze federal hiring, and CREATE REAL PRIVATE SECTOR JOBS!

    1. looks more like he had enough of staying at a press conference that had been over for 30 minutes… nothing fancy if you ask me…
      PS: He blames Bush on everything because Bush IS to blame on everything PERIOD

    2. @poopr How can you blame Bush for everything when for the majority of the time he was Pres. we had a Dem. controlled congress and house. If you didnt know you bafoon they are the ones that make the laws and budget. Blame Bush for the war is also and idiots response, after 9/11 the American people were screaming for blood and all the evidence given to Bush showed Iraq had WMD even the Dems believed this. When history plays out it will show that Bush was 1000 times better Pres. than this socialist muslim pircr of shit in office now.

    3. @drdeep: That last remark just proved that your level of education is just below that of an individual worth arguing with. So pardon me please if I won’t waste my precious time going into any of that bullshit that you just wrote as it can be summed up in three simple words: “bla bla bla” … Have a nice day being afraid of the big bad black muslim in the White House

    4. PS: sorry for the MANY spelling and gramma errors.
      I’ve got two litte boys sleeping next to me and I typed fast so not to wake them with it.

    5. Your time’s up. 50 more years and then we’ll be rid of these stupid american army bases and invasions all around the world though I’d rather have you than China but oh well.

  5. @ you are a fag… +1 for calling out racists. -2 for using discrimination to attack someone for discrimination. You don’t like people discriminating against black people, so why would you use homosexuality as a slur? Do you think gay people wake up one day and think “ya know what, I think I’ll be gay today!”? You are what you are. Therefore, if it’s ok to give ppl shit for being gay, it’s ok to give people shit for being black! Right? Of course not you idiot.
    You’re no different to a racist… attacking minority groups out of fear and ignorance.

  6. @SEM – you do know that a cracker is the slave driver that cracked the whip in the cotton fields right? So keep calling white people crackers. moron…

  7. god even CLINTON is saying to himself “what is this idiot doing? just LEAVE already and go see wtf Sasquatch wants.” what the fuck was the point of butting in to make that comment?

  8. Seems like reporters were asking retarded questions, the look on Clinton’s face say it all. If ppl kept asking me stupid questions while punany was on hold gettin cold, i’d pass the crowd to the next guy too. Clinton looks like he wished some chick would just pop in and give him an excuse to get out.

  9. America …. You were always in the ass …. There you are, and remain, until now! 😉
    Your days are numbered. This economic crisis, coined by you, you and kill!

    1. Wow, someone is still a little sore. The american revolution was 225+ years ago, let it go England, you lost 🙂

  10. America’s days are numbered? Please explain. Also, what is this about 50 more years? Do you guys know something that nobody else does? America wasn’t built on the principle of getting by easy. We’ve just found ourselves getting lazy lately. People will wake up soon and realize that keeping up with the newest trends isn’t as important as providing for yourself and your family. When people wake back up to that America will once again be seen as the world powerhouse it is…

  11. to Eldix:
    are you really that naive? you think america is fucked over by rich people being rich and not paying more taxes? pull your head out stupid. you really think taxing them appropriately will “fix” our country? [email protected]#!.. our country is messed up because of the leaders we let into power and the useless bills and laws we pass which tax the bigesus out of someone trying to make a living. it isnt the richs fault that they are rich. they are smart and they have money because they made some good choices and worked hard. and somehow every lazy ass scumbag in this country thinks they are entitled to evrybody elses money… reality check- go out and make a change for yourself on your own behalf dont bring down this country and honest citizens because you are lazy and selfish.

    and no one feels sorry for you and your whole sob story. you were born into poverty and you have to raise 5 kids and do your laundry in a river boo hoo… just another lame excuse as to why you are entitled to someone elses money.. you were making 12K a year? doing what? even mcdonalds pays better.
    go get a real job and stop crying and feeling bad for yourself

  12. OMG, it is still accepting donations! Fantastic example of a creative fundraising effort that raised $10,000 in 48 hours to build a classroom at the school in Tanzania.

  13. Listen, you can bring up the failings of prior presidents, republicans, fucking jesus christ for all I care…It still doesn’t take away from the fact that Obama has done a miserable job as president and pretty much fucked us for decades to come. No matter what previous admins have or haven’t done, Obama is a moron, period.

  14. fucking american PUSSY! i hope u get arested … beat the shit out of the dumb ass dodge driver! i would kill for that subaru! american pussy

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