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    1. Sure it says “Dodge” when you look at it coming at you, but after you jump out of the way you see it also says “Ram”

    1. No shit hold the phone/camera still. Why the hell do these fuckers always spin around & record what people are saying.

    2. I love how he can steady the camera when the truck is close to running him over, but he tards up at the moment of impact.

    1. two cars were hit. one of them was a classic. but what they said was not It was a classic they said that was classic.

    1. VW 80’s Rabbit truck! Classic my left nut! You can pick up parts for that at any AM-PM mini mart!

    2. I don’t think that’s what it is. It looks like a 68-72 El Camino SS. That would actually be a fairly rare car. However parts availability would be widespread.

    1. the guy might be dumb. but he would have to be realy dumb to not have insurance that would cover that. although his paymint went way up after this.

    2. Well, if he’s paying in mint, as you said, he has nothing to worry about. There’s plenty of mint for everyone.

    3. well even if he pays in mint the guy can turn around and sell the mint. there is a market for it so make fun if my spelling all you wont but next time just say i cant spell dont try bring economics into it. your not that smart

  1. lol @ the guy callen the cops. in an event like this i’m surprised half of them didn’t jump in their tuners and floor it back to their chop-shops with their street racer buddies lol.

    1. Actually calling the cops is almost always the smartest thing to do. Not only would that idiot probably get locked up or at least a citation, but you would have a police report to pave the way for a civil lawsuit in case his insurance company didn’t want to pay up. Would be stupid not to call the cops and take a chance of having to pay repairs for the shit some idiot did.

  2. He could have easily killed someone with all those people standing around. He should get his license revoked.

  3. What was he trying to do anyway? Did he think he would jump the grass and then just stop? I guess brakes don’t work when your tires are bouncing.

  4. what is so pathetic is that the guy called one of the cars a classic and then spent his high quality video work on the white piece of shit. its sad when you learn your car is actually less desirable than a VW rabbit pickup truck. and a Diesel one at that! LOLOL!!!!!

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