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    1. Damn must be one hell of an experience fucking a second hand pussy, first handed by her dad.

  1. Fuck you first :>

    And, why should some guy fuck his work while he’s masturbating?

    Most than likely his daughter is bisexual, and she proposed this shit.

    I wonder how many people would fuck their daughters :))

  2. This is sick, but I don’t understand why it’s illegal. Why do we need the government to tell two consenting adults, “Hey that’s so messed up, wh’re locking you away.” If there was a law on the books that it was illegal to eat your own feces, there would be some professor out there scarfing it down, probably just for the thrill of getting away with it.
    The only reason I can think of that it is illegal is that Uncle Sam doesn’t want to pay the medical bills when their kid comes out with an extra limb.

    1. “there would be some professor out there scarfing it down”

      that made me LOL! <—— a real laugh not an internetz one

    2. Yeah, I agree. I think this is just another outdated sex law, it’s just that there aren’t enough people who want to do it to make a coordinated push for legalization.

      Incidentally, people often frame this as about protecting the younger person, but according to the actual law, she should have been arrested to. It takes two to tango.

    3. You guys must be trolls or maybe a retarded offspring of an incestual relationship. If you seriously don’t know why there are laws against incest, google it. Offspring of relationships between family members have a huge rate of birth defects. Not to mention most of the time when it is father/daughter it is child abuse.
      “At any rate,the degenerative effects of inbreeding will only be significantly fatal after two or more repeated incest cases, and that varies depending on the number and quality of inherited congenital disorders of which the family members may be carriers. A study of a group of 21 made up of brother-sister or father-daughter offspring found that 12 had abnormalities with 9 of which were classed as severe.[53]”

    4. Birth defects usually come after several generations of incest have occured, the gene pool needs to be refreshed to prevent the disorders from happening. Wikipedia is still not a “qualified” source to give you absolute details. Technically people could get away with it every other generation with minimal possible concequences. The whole defect thing came from the Kings and Queens marrying their own bloodline over and over through generations. People out in BFE like in WV, have a limited supply of women and usually run out of options since half the girls in the country are like a blunt at a party…passed around, so they turn to someone they know may be good. soo many factors. still weird to talk about. So unless you are attemting to make incest a family tradition, they should be ok. I do not condone(spelling?) the act and it is really weird, it’s their life who am i to judge.

    5. let me tell you somthing funny, we alll live on a ball in the middle of time..and people wonder why life is fucked up, its becouse we all family fucking eachother…when i die i will ask god one thing , and that is why is incest bad in the bible, but we all came from just adem and eve. im not saying id fuck my mom or sister..but im saying we all commit incest some were along the line. im gonna save my soul and fuck an alien hahaha

    6. Most likely the daughter didn’t get arrested, because she`s the one that turned Daddy in. Because she wanted him doing her again and he said no. Just a bitch getting even…..

    1. Look at his name idiot, Epstein …a jew. Dont you dare relate this to white Americans, its a jew thing and everyone knows they fuck each other to keep it all in the family.

    2. @ 8====D
      Look at your name. Obviuosly your a dick and probably white. Get over yourself and don’t take these comments so personally. fyi… look at the guy’s pic closely. He’s caucasion, which makes him WHITE, like you…

    3. @logicalerrordetector I have looked closely at the pic, just as you have advised and all I see is a big jew nose. Dont really see a white person there, no sorry.

    4. @ 8===D
      If you don’t consider that guy’s skin to be white, I wonder how PASTY white you actually are… Or maybe your just not as racist as you pretend to be; beacuse a die hard supremacist is supposed to recogonize white when he sees it. Guess just another error in the logic of a typical, bigoted, psuedo- American…

    5. @logicalerrordetector Youre a fail and you should jump into the furnace, its called Antisemitic. Racist is the comment by “In bed with your mom” but obviously everyone here likes to jump on the dick.

  3. This should also be a Parenting Fail… LOL Incest is the best but not when you’re doing it, hahaha here comes the trolls!!!

    1. Sick any way you look at it. On any level. What is next? Incest marriage? You know it!

  4. I was pondering whether it was less sick to have brother/sister sex or father/daughter sex, and they’re both equally disgusting. That’s just nasty.

  5. Redneck has moved beyond the backwoods of South Carolina to the steps of Colombia University. Freak accident higher IQ still cant take the Hillbilly out of the woods.

  6. Ahahahahaha!!! As long as you are white you are an American. LOL!!! Nasty Nasty..But when you’re not white, you are of another Ethnicity or not considered an American. Buttaaa… Yes your father is someone to love, to trust, and there to protect you..but not so you can have sex with and marry!! Ugh stupid “White Girls” 😀
    Sorry x)

  7. White TRASH…what a good “PROFESSOR”he was to his daughter. NASTY!
    Come on Whitey’s speak out keep on bringing out your dirty, nasty secrets. And I thought blacks were bad. White PIGS!

  8. In the Bible Adam & Eve only had 2 sons, and no daughters. Obviously some incest was going on there! Ok the Bible is just a bunch of faity tales, but most animals commit incest, and humans evolved from lower forms of life, so there was probably a lot of incest going on before we became civilised.

  9. what prompted the investigation ? wtf kind of question is that ?! at the bottom it says “but we’re sure Columbia is glad to have a new scandle to distract from the student-run drug ring.” does that answer your questions ?

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