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  1. that’s amber from the mtv reality show teen mom. she’s been in trouble for physically abusing her morbidly obese older boyfriend, and dates a guy just out of jail. she’s total trailer trash.

  2. she looks like one of those black face cartoons from old time racist america. next thing you know she gonna start playing the trumpet, singing, dancing for the white folk, and eating fried chicken.

    1. LOL, I was thinking the same shit! When I first saw her I thought immediately of one of those old school cartoons I used to see growing up or maybe a coal mine worker that just got off a double?

  3. What is this, some kinda spray on stuff or what? Looks like people are rubbing shoe polish on themselves. I’m gonna start bathing in Rit dye and see what that looks like.

  4. Some one tell this bitch holloween is over! And just because Robert Downey Jr. got away with it, doesn’t mean she can. I did think it was funny when she beat up her boy friend. That was the only time I was happy my girl made me watch that gay ass show! She’s pretty slutty. That poor fat fuck she was with has to be salty she found a guy that quick and let him hit!

    1. You’re wrong. She would still be hideous without the shit face. It certainly doesn’t help matters though.

  5. She looks like a turd with lips, like they took mr potatohead and put the facial fatures on a pile of poo.

    What idiot would let her procreate?? Like we have enough POS’s in the world. I hope she meets an abusive drunk man to give that pooface a taste of her own poo. Her nickname in school must have been Loosy the POO. Guess she’s not Poolitically correct. How do you wipe your own ass with you body without getting the poo on her fingertips??

  6. That look on her face means she wants a lotta food. She’s thinkin man I’d like to get the monster burger large meal with cheesecake and some cookies. She knows all the new candy flavors before they come out… Hostess has a new Twinkie coming out, when you bite into it sprinkles shoot in your mouth.

  7. Is this chick trying to hide in plain sight??? It looks like a Halloween mask or she dunked her face in chocolate sprinkles and did her eyes and lips with white crayon.

  8. “hey dude, who’d u set me up w/ for a blind date?” “you’ll see” “HOLY SHIT WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT THING? KILL IT! SHIT! *pulls out SPAS 12* *POW! cHINK-CHINK! POW!* * everybody stands up and cheers*

  9. that’s old 1986 movie Soul Man tan. And it looks like she saying “Do I have to go in there? Can I just stay in the car?”

  10. dude i hate that show its retarded! she should go on Jersey shore cause there are people on there like her!
    cause they all are
    2.fake chests mobbed by orange markers
    4.sluts and gays!

  11. WHy the fuck do all these white chicks trying so hard to look like white girls? Why? And she’s looking bad doing it!

    She also looked like those creepy Japanese Gangouro girls.

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