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    1. Too late! It already caught on. It’s a fashion crisis on these streets, since the ’70’s. I don’t know what’s worst, tight jeans or sagging pants!

  1. I’ll say it since no one wants to…..that dude woke up…ate a big ass bowl of stupid fucking retard for breakfast and decided it was a good ideal to go into public like that. And then wonders why he cant get a decent job and everyone is Racist towards him….see he made a concious decision to dress himself like that…and then would be offended if anyone said anything about it. This persons IQ is as low as his pants.

  2. Even though i agree that it was racist…. think about it. Yes he is black…yes its a black “fashion” if you can even call it that. Why? Why degrade yourself to this level. And to be in public. Everyone is entitled to individuality. no matter how ignorant you seem to other people. But i think that everyone can agree this is stupid. And yet they continue to wear their clothes this way every day. Ignorant plain and simple.

  3. And the fact that you call him a fag in a degrating way makes you just as bad as him!!! DUMBASS!!! WIN FOR ME!!! FAIL FOR YOU!!!

  4. i agree people shouldnt dress like that bt i’m black nd the things that was said waas fucked up. its jst a style that this guy wanted to wear not all people who dress like that is black. i think people forget its more than jst white and black people on this earth.

  5. I personally want to thank you black stereotypes for providing me non stop entertainment. Also thank you for showing me that my life isn’t so bad.

  6. theres a man downstairs looks like he about 40 walks around looking the same damn way I really want to trip him when he walks by, damn idiot.

  7. its a dumb nigga thing folks-nuthin racist about it
    I never see Asians dress like that
    but its helpful too–like a giant neon sign

  8. 1.stop beinqq racist tlkinq bout its a still fa blackk ppl cse it aint no stfu n SiT ya ass DINE 2.why he qotta be runnin frm tha cops all blackk ppl dnt run frm cops black person wears this manyy shorts we wear two socks n onlyy socks 4.kyle stfu cse no was qoin twe sayy tht

    1. HOLY SHIT that was the most awful attempt at humbling I have ever tried to read. We are all now slightly dumber for having read it.

  9. Wow… really Tyrone? You need all those clothes on at once..?.. “yeah ya feelin me dawg…? shit be gettin all stole and shit in the hood so I gots to have it on meh cuz”

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