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  1. Police escape WIN? really!?
    The cop was still there with a guy who knew the parachutist, and happened record the whole thing. If the cop wanted to, he could easily arrest him.

    1. If you were that police officer, would you(with all due respect, fuck you) want to arrest the dude?

      Besides, what if the guy filming didn’t really know the parachutist?

    2. Arrest him for what? Video taping something isnt a crime. Its not like he pushed the dude so it wasnt accessory to a crime. He was just standing there. Do you really think people get arrested just for knowing someone who committed a crime? We’d all be locked up.

  2. NICE!If the police did arrest him, then FAIL to police. Why in the first place? Second what happened to “18 years old = mature & responsible for your own life. You can do anything you want, unless its bad towards others”? Jumper FTW!

  3. the jumpers an ass, the cop was cool all he said was just gonna send you do down the road. now moron has a fine plus jail time for a 4 second ride.

    1. dude… fuck off stop being a douché its a EPIC WIN! this guy did awesome jumping off that, the cop was not cool in anyways, send you down the road, that doesnt make him cool

    1. It’s I Fought the Law, originally by the Clash, but in the video it’s Green Day’s cover of this song.

    1. Why is this a crime? Having just done a 12k foot freefall, I now know why the dude did this. What a rush. kudos to him!
      *skydiving is a not a crime*

      (but apparently BASE jumping is..)

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