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    1. realy you dont think there dumb. the ome that told her what the tattoo is seems to think tattoos can talk.

    2. Really? You don’t think they’re dumb? The one that told her what the tattoo is seems to think tattoos can talk. FIXED.
      Asian people don’t get a tattoo in English because they think it looks cool. Americans that don’t know how to read what they are tattooing on themselves do.

    3. Asian people wear equivalent English messages like that on their clothes instead. Which I have to admit is SIGNIFICANTLY less stupid.

    1. Yep, her friend is messing with her head. I mirror-imaged the photo and it clearly is a transliteration of “Sherry William(s?)”.

      this is more like a friend fail on her part or Asianness fail on her friend’s part.

    1. well, not to split hairs but you don’t *read* mandarin or cantonese, you speak them. they’re the same when written down.

    2. shit, im lerning japanese so they know how to respond to my commands when we win…………again

    3. to BLahblah: yes you read them differently, that’s why they have traditional and simplified.

  1. Tattoos talk? The other person wonders what the tattoo told her it said. This one does say something maybe not picinic table but I think it says “dinner is served boys, dig in.” or “she’s a slut”. she looks like she may be hot, too bad about having the Tat, it drops her hottness down quite a bit.

  2. i wonder how many ppl out there got a tatto like that? if u dont knw the language ur having tattooed then dont get it. you think asians got english phrases tattooed on them?

  3. Speaking Japanese? Forget that! Im turning Japanese, Im turning Japanese- I really think so…wap wap wap wap wap…Ok Im done now..

  4. I can read traditional Chinese. It wrote “Sherry William” clearly. Whoever said, “Picnic Table”. Failed Big Time, Pig Time.

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