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    1. Yeah, sleeping on a dirty ass NYC subway floor with someone’s dirty shoe right in front of your face is a win? Go ahead, try it sometime yourself. noob

    2. yeah im gonna say its a win, if ya in garms you dont care about, he prolly on way home, or to work. sleeping is a mans sport, definitelyFAIL? you must be a women or a fag

  1. well it beats pissing on the subway i seen people do that…its the sanitation i would be worried about, Dude is laying in like hundres of people shoe prints with dog crap and lord knows what else on their shoes. But he got dibs on that spot!!!

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  12. someone should straight up step on his face and be like “oh my bad, i didnt see you there… sorry about the broken nose and the torn eye brow…”

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