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    1. pretty big fail to have that on the “things i wanna do in my life” list…

      the trailer is also really epic!

    1. i get this channel called nigeria tv, and i swear its the funneyest shit iv ever seen, i watched one were this witch docter came to the village and saved a blind women so she could see her husband again. action packed with pointless scene’s and incoherent Dialogue

  1. Is this from the same great minds that brought us Who Killed Captain Jack?

    Seriously, for the sheer comedy effect, why doesn’t someone distribute these films in the U.S. I can watch it after Battlefield Earth!

  2. This already has posted… but the last trailer was better coz’ it was a voice like mini-me saying: ACTIONNNN LALALALALAL ACTIONN!!!! LALALAL!!

    1. I copied your exact link and pasted it. And it says: ‘Your comment is awaiting moderation.’

      Go figure.

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