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    1. That was racist and uncalled for. Besides if it was up to the African Americans, they wouldn’t have been shipped over here by ridiculous and cruel lunkheads like yourself. A comment like that is NEVER justified.

    2. @ sunset: that wasn’t racist, that was the truth. Also it was the africans that sold the africans. Africans were the ones that started slavery. Who do you think built the pyramids? Slaves. But i guess that was whitey’s fault too. If whitey didn’t bring slaves over, (i’m guessing you’re black) you most likely would be living in africa, starving, with aids.

    3. Come on guys. Black folks white folks who cares? there is only one thing that matters and thats this idiot with 10 $ in his hands and plastic knifes 😀

      2012 everyone have the same rights… Not in every country but.. we live right. Maybe he was waching Jersey shore 😀

  1. 1- Nunchucks that are used for anal activities… $70
    2- Buying clothes made for someone four times your size….$200
    3- Taking a picture of yourself crosseyed holding money you could be using to buy stuff that fits [and makes you look like less of a retard]and having it posted on the web for everyone to see……. Priceless.

    1. Justin is right that ain’t cross-eyed, he is just retarded trying to fit in with his brooklyn state home

  2. Goofy looking pose…..check!
    Clothes that are 10X too big….check!
    Derp face…check!
    yep…..most certainly a retard.

  3. just another victim to society. he will probably end up robbing an old lady and sent to prison where he will be getting raped by his own race and he will not be accepted in general population.. and will be a prison bitch for his extended stay.. so if you choose to be this way. you will highly regret it.. some people just need to be who they are and stop trying to be like everyone else.. what is the world coming to?

  4. Most of you do not know that this kid is Autistic. It’s his brother who gets him in such things – posing like an idiot, saying things to people he doesn’t have a clue of.

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