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    1. That’s not a grammer fail, it’s just ‘missing word fail’… If it can so be called… Which it can’t. So shut the fuck up.

    1. i just thank god i done all my drunken stupid shit before the cameraphone was widley available, otherwise i think i would be the topic of alote of fail conversations

  1. Man, when that midlife crisis shit occurs it’s just really bad. I guess if you can’t afford an expensive sports car (dick extension) then you have to take cheap dancing lessons.

  2. this isn’t a fail, they’re just having fun. but it’s funny as hell. and if you take note of the guy’s hair, he’s all party in the back!

  3. This is anything BUT a fail.

    It looks to me like they all enjoyin the HELL outta that dance; just doin themselves and thas it! Which is pure win considering how many people are so damn insecure about bein themselves.


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