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    1. @Tika: How does that even make sense? He obviously looks like Luda or four different people wouldn’t have said he did. Grow up and quit trying to make shit about race.

    2. I didn’t even notice at first they were black from all the gayness. But he does look like ludacric

    1. Lol…die with death? Seriously tho something should be done about that type of shyt being displayed in public!

    2. how can u have so little respect for human life & God who made us in his image that u can feel fully justified in making a statement as ignorant, moronic and completely distateful as the one u made? u really think a person should be put to death bc their sexual preference, really? get out of the woods, learn proper english, become literate and maybe then u can insult sommeone in the proper manner!

    3. die with death no …….. i thought people died with life……. *puts palm to face and wonders how you are still alive *

    1. that song stuck in my head for days, and ther you go puting it right back in ther you basterd lol

  1. I think the fail here is the racist idiot that keeps using African-American photos and editing them…no different from most of the parenting fails…

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  11. fucking faggots this is why there will never be a cure for aids…so embarrassing for the black race but the biggie,rich boy pleasure p, luda comment was funny as hell!!!!lol

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