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  1. christ ITS growing tits..fucking sick, it’s a shame he’s not happy with having a penis.. he’ll probably be wearing diapers by the time he’s 30.. it’s The Pill and pollution in the water supply.

    1. i dont see the fail… but i think tose are pecks, not tits…. but who knows..this could be a trani for all we know!?!

    1. He looks like a chick but it’s actually a guy. His name is Steve Erhardt and he’s a hairstylist in Beverly Hills. He was actually good looking before all the plastic surgery. Now he looks scary and like a tranny.

    1. If you’re gonna repeat this comment in every fail, might I suggest you write this statement down, have it looked at & rewritten by someone other than your dog… It’s just not as powerful as you might want to believe. Just sayin’ 😉

    2. isn’t James just precious. I’m sure he keeps massaging his prostate with his mom’s hairbrush every other day and gets a hard on when he watches her brushing her hair.

    1. WOW! The best of both worlds!!! Boobies and a DONG! Gotta get ME some of that…

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  3. he’s so hot. I hate you homophobic bastards. Leave the beauty to be free of stupid prejudices. You’re so boring and retrograde that you don’t even deserve attention..

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