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    1. I really think that was a good one and i feel kinda proud, id slit my wrists if that doesnt get published ;(

  1. i agree, the worst part of that is that huge back jerk the cord gives her/them.. she’ll probably feel the effects later.. otherwise it’s pretty badass!

  2. You know when your in safe hand when you are thrown over the side of a building by a burly man in a fluffy winter jacket 😀

  3. WOOF!WOOF!WHOOF!WOW!So much engineering and inginuity,caution and careing,im guessing that was his step daughter,lol,if she only knew what he really was trying to do,imagine trying to explain that one to the authorities,MAN! theres alot to be said about these dumb Focks,that wasnt like a tarzan swing over a lake or pond,think she was the test dummy now whos next?lol with this head rush its just going to be a matter of time before we hear the finaly swing comes to a end ,and then there will be swings like that put up by everyone everywhere,hey lets see who can come the closest to the taxi cab down by the street lite in new york,then fatboy gets on it,lol splat!

  4. That’s the Land of 1,000 Wall Hits! By the way I’m from Irkutsk, Russia and the last time I was there in 2009 wall hits were so ubiquitous I couldn’t even count them. Now that was an epic failure in itself!

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