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  1. The lid is on the bottle. Grey Goose bottles have corks attached to the lids. You can see the cork part in the picture. Lots of people take pictures of their kid pretending to be drinking liquor. Why do people have to express their racism so openly?

    1. They are openly racist online, because they are secretly ignorant IRL. You know damn well, most if not all wouldn’t ever say the shit they say here in physical public

    2. However, that isn’t the cork that you see below the blue wrapping on the neck, it’s the child’s finger on the other side of the bottle. The cork attached to the lid on grey goose isn’t nearly that long. So, you’re wrong about seeing the cork in the pic because it would be hidden by the blue wrapping. It is still possible that the lid is on, i’m not sure from the pic if it is or not.

  2. i didn’t know me posting this would cause so much trouble……the mother of the child wants to beat my ass……lmao….don’t be mad at me…be mad at yourself for taking such an ignorant photo. it’s doesn’t matter if the bottle is open or closed, water or vodka….the shit still looks bad

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