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  1. LOL probably a Belgian, seeing it at the flag (Soccerclub Anderlecht). BTW I’m Belgian but he’s a shame for the nation LOL

    1. 😀 hahahahahaha i found an article with an interesting title: ‘ Is Belgium a country or a pedophile heaven?’ LOL

  2. this cunt, nunchuk gangsta, and spongebob (that fuckie that looks like “the rapper” on trailer park boys) should form a crew with joe somebody

  3. why is house and techno music so big in europe, i cant stand it and it feels like the planet hates us for it aswell, how long can we play shit music before the landlord kick’s us out, nah mean

  4. he carries a lot of rage against women due to his abuse from his mother at a young age when he was almost suffocated by her giant tits. That his way he makes constant “tit-tit-tit-tit-tit-tit” sounds.

  5. To all the people that are watching this epic video, it came on the internet by accident. I’m fighting for like 2 years to get it from the internet. Think about the following. You are on a party and you are drunk and you do stupid things (nude things). One of your friends is recording it without your knowledge and uploaded it on youtube. From the moment that you are not drunk anymore, you found that video thatt your friend uploaded and you do everything to get it removed. After a week, it’s from youtube and you kick your friend for uploading it on youtube. Months later, it’s getting uploaded on endless of websites and you are getting extremely annoyed by it. Well, I recorded this video at march 31, 2008 to show it to my family. I said, not to upload it because it was only meant in private situations not to be posted on the internet! Yet some child didn’t understand it and uploaded it to youtube and the rest you know. So please if you found it, keep it for yourself and private message me on youtube under my second account (TheMisterAMD) Not reporting it to me for removal, well think about the little example I gave here. We all made mistakes. Believe me, it’s been uploaded more than 500 times and has been viewed more than 1,000,000 times. And I’m not proud if it.

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