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    1. I remember those days….of course it wasn’t an inspection. Gynecology was only a hobby of mine.

    2. Yeah! I had my amateur gynecology kit and everything: screwdriver, saliva dampened pencil eraser, dental scraper with the hook. Great memories!

  1. Not sure how many countries it happens in, but yeah, when I was in first grade, we had a doctor check if our balls had dropped, he had a nurse next to him so that there were no accusations of foul play coming up later. True fact.

  2. Yeah my hot teacher used to do that… except she used to check air could come trough my penis, then she took taste samples, and to see if it fit inside her and stuff.



  3. I remember, a teacher used to take us in his cupboard and drop our pants, and would cup our balls, he also used to weigh them in his mouth, and check the size of our butt holes by sticking his d!ck up there. Then he would get 2 of us together and make us do that.

  4. I got my anus inspected, to see if we could poop properly I had to turn around and bend over while he inserted some sort of jelly-rod!

  5. they use to call me down to the office and blind fold me. then they had something called “a friction thermomiter” took them like 30 minutes to get a reading, and it never worked right, so they kept on having to do it again.

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