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  1. all he had to do was use the bucket to push/pull HIMSELF out, thats what contracter’s get for highering retarded southern europeans that work for cheaper, you end up paying out more in loss and damage,

    1. I’m south european. Here you don’t see things like that happening. Most of the retarded things I see in EPIC FAIL are from US. They are american you dumb ass. They are retarded just like you

    2. no they aint american, and im english, yes that language you’re speaking is mine, stop it!, and retard’s dont give instructions on getting outa sticky situations, they put you in them, click, the penny just dropped, you’re the two guy’s in the vid hahahah

    3. this was on the news for the NYC metro area. They are American.
      The woman who owns the car was told by the guys who did it(government paid mind you) to “just call the precinct, we’ve got work to do”

    4. They were american you stupid hick, and it’s idiotic statements like yours that give everyone the impression that you’re all retarded.

    5. after seeing 90% of the vids on this site i understand why the europeans went out to the seas to descover new continents….so we europeans can have where to ship out all the european trash…to the “NEW WORLD”…”THE grate AMERICA”.u fucking trash.u speack always about the emigrants and shit…but u are ALL FUCKING EMIGRANTS ON THAT CONTINENT.ure fucking history starts 300 years ago with a 1 way ticket from europe.and if u dont belive me ask somebody who knows about youre history,cant be hard its only 300 years old.

    1. I like how americans comment about Europe/Asia, but they are kitty – like when it comes to their own fails…

    1. Because it wasn’t an emergency? 911 isn’t for “OMG there’s a dent in my car, OH NOES!”… it’s for “Holy shit, I dropped a running chainsaw on my legs, and I’m losing lots and lots of blood!”. Morons call 911 for dents in their car.

    2. You can notify the police of any reasonable complaint that needs assistance or call them to a scene of an accident where an incident report needs to be conducted. …to each their own. I’m just saying these guys need to receive some consequence for messing with another’s property instead of just having their supervisor write up a report. Feel free to think differently.

    3. and you could jsut as easily call the local presinct by its own number for a nON EMERGENCY. 911 is for emergency use, and over calling leads to a waste of funds.

  2. Yeah, ok, so… those guys are assholes.

    On a side note… pretty sure the entire world has assholes, so lets no one kid themselves.

  3. The guy filming gets so upset. Were they dummies? Yes. But they had to get the tractor out of there. Once they hit the truck nothing else mattered. Whether they caused $5 damage or $5000 damage the same thing was going to happen… The City’s insurance was going to pick up the tab.

    1. Pretty much. I hate driving in snow. Also, was that woman that can be heard shrieking in the video the owner of the car? I can understand being mad. But the guy filming calling them names? It’s not even his car, and he’s pissed. Why are people so angry?

    2. Because this was in NY, where stupid retarded shit like this happens constantly. Neither of these morons knew what they were doing, clearly, especially once you see them hit the van with BOTH tires, AND the god damn plow. Not to mention, whether or not insurance takes care of it, that still means they have to get it fixed, send in the amount it cost, and then get it reimbursed, and what if they didn’t have the money for that, huh?? Then they wait even longer, with a broken vehicle, because these morons were too fucking stupid to to do this properly!!

    3. Maybe, but you can use a front-loader tractor’s front arms and bucket at the same time as the articulated steering to lift the front wheels and move them sideways. It’s actually not that difficult. Had they got out and shovelled some ice/snow around and taken their time a bit manoeuvring the loader sideways, the car damage could have been easily averted. That’s what makes me mad about it and I’m on the other side of the world.

  4. europe is da shit, we hate on america so hard cuz they got better teeth than us and dont have a ridiculous accent……… real talk, i would rip that guy out of his truck

  5. this whole website is 90% europeans hating on america but there too stupid to realize that there on, that in its self is a fail, this website is american, obviously its going to be an american retard, but that dosnt mean were all retarted, like the european kid who busted his head through a wall after he broke his monitor because he lost at a videogame

    1. Of course you’re not all retarded. In fact, most of you aren’t. But you sure are. Stop trying to act like a smartass if you can’t spell for shit.

  6. All the people yelling, hooting and hollering are stupid too. Any one of them could have at least tried to stop the tow truck driver; at least said SOMETHING to him. He might have done it anyway, but the fact that none of them even tried to get him to stop causing damage and just watched, yelled and recorded it, makes them lazy, stupid assholes.

    1. if the people in the vehicles didnt notice the truck that was in both of thier mirros, and the grinding noise that must have been happening, then any person to get in range, would have gotten the same treatment as the parked wehicle. dont you think?

  7. Its sad to see people throwing racist comments just because they saw 2 guys having a hard time pulling out heavy machinery? What’s next? Stupid racist comments because you will see a video about a guy forgetting his keys in the car? LOL. We can only take you seriously when you have a trigger within reach, for everything else your not earning any credibility.

  8. My favorite part of this one is the guy filming it is not doing anything about it. Then starts yelling at the end of the video.

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